Secure & legal personal identification and electronic signatures for the digital age

Video-Ident: Verify customers online - reliable and optimized for conversion

Integrate IDnow into your offering within a few hours: IDnow verifies your customers via web browser or smart phone EU-wide. Fast and reliable.

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IDnow eSign: Bring your customer acquisition into the digital age with legally binding, digital contract signing.

The final element for your digital customer experience: Digital signatures in your customer acquisition channels cut process costs and optimize your customer experience.

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Just tried IDnow and all I can say is: Wow!


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Sunday, 3 pm, couch: I was verified for an account within 3 minutes using IDNow on my smartphone. Brilliant. Postal identity verification (Postident) in a modern format.

martin weber

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The #digital signature is finally becoming convenient. When will the established banks convert their processes? #idnow

Joachim Feger

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IDnow can be utilized by all devices at all times

Our technology runs on all current IT devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop) - via web browser and mobile apps. Contract closing doesn't need any additonal hardware.

Spare your customers contract printing and a walk to the post office

Your customers can carry out identification and contract signing procedures at any place at any time. The procedure is simple and does not last longer than 5 minutes. This pays off with better conversion rates and new customers for you.

We meet your requirements in all areas

IDnow offers maximum flexibility: From a totally self-service to a fullservice solution, many alternatives are available – always with the aim to make a prospective customer to your customer.

All your customer or contact needs is an Internet connection, a webcam and your ID document. Our technology enables identification and contract conclusion in compliance with all of the requirements of the Geldwäschegesetz (German Money Laundering Act (GwG)), BaFin (Federal Financial Supervisory Authority) circular 1/2014, electronic signature and data protection regulations.

As a partner for innovative solutions in digital contract conclusion, IDNow provides comprehensive and competent support. Our experienced team possess years of successful expertise as technology providers and in the field of payment and accounting systems.

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