Digital Contract Closing.

IDnow verifies the identity of your customers and enables the digital contract signing in less than 5 minutes. Safe, legally sound and convenient.

Higher Conversion Rates

Online identification is simple and does not last longer than 5 minutes. No waiting time, independent of locations and business hours.

Legal conformity

IDnow Technology fulfills all requirements of Know your customer (KYC)-regulations, International Anti Money Laundering Acts, digital signatures as well as strict data protection regulations

Platform Independence

Your customers can use all current IT devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop) for the process – easy to use via web browser and mobile apps.

Highest Security Standards

Our data center in Germany meets the highest requirements for security and accessibility – among other methods, by use of encoding techniques, 24/7 monitoring, load balancing and back-ups.

Integrational Capacity & SDK

Implement our technology directly on your website, or with your mobile apps and IT devices. We provide you with a Software Development Kit for these purposes.

Better Data Quality

You will receive data that is electronically transmitted. You can rely on correct data transmission due to automatic data registration functions with subsequent manual control options.

Increased Security during the Processes by...

Face Recognition

  • Comparison between identity document photos and live photos of the customer
  • Full integration in the identification process

Manual Control Phase

  • Subsequent manual control of the identification process
  • Support for all current documents used internationally
  • Trained IDnow security experts
  • Secured grounds with access control

Video Chat

  • Live video chats with trained IDnow experts
  • Accessible Service Hours 7 days a week
  • Fast processing times (1 – 2 minutes per identification procedure)

Anonymization of Data

  • Adherence to the highest data protection regulations through data economy
  • Anonymization of data is done on the mobile phone
  • Only essential data is transmitted

Electronic Signature

  • Digital processing of the entire contractual completion
  • Legally compliant for all kind of contracts

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