Developers & APIs

Use IDnow´s APIs to create identifications and retrieve their results. We provide a wide variety of technical options below.

The APIs follow the flow of data during the identification process.
  • IDnow API version 2017-01-10

    Use the User Details API to pass information about the user to IDnow. For the identification process, IDnow needs information about the user that should be identified. This information consists of personal details from the application of the user as well as email and mobile phone in order to contact the user. Use the Results API to access the results of the identification process. You can access the results in a manual or automatic/programmatic way.

    Ways to start the identification process: REST API Static link to IDnow-hosted web form GET request

    Ways to retrieve the identification result: REST API SFTP API SFTP client S/MIME e-mail e-mail with encrypted attachmentsecure download portal

    Download API documentation