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Verify the identity of your customers in realtime

With IDnow, personal identification checks and personal signatures have finally arrived in the digital world. We offer companies and institutions innovative platform-specific solutions that guarantee the safe and legally sound verification of customers, clients and contractual partners.

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The only things your customers and contact persons require are: Internet access, webcam and an identity document. Our technology facilitates all identification procedures and takes the relevant legal parameters into consideration such as Know your customer (KYC)-regulations, International Money Laundering Acts as well as strict data protection regulations.

IDnow is your ideal partner for innovative ID solutions. We provide you with comprehensive and expert supervision. Our experienced team has many years of successful and high-level business activity as a technology service provider in the payment and accounting sector at its disposal.

IDnow can be utilized by all devices at all times

Our technology runs on all current IT devices (smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop) - via web browser and mobile apps.

Spare your customers a long wait at the post office counter

Your customers can carry out identification procedures at any place at any time. The procedure is simple and does not last longer than 5 minutes. This pays off with better conversion rates and new customers for you.

We meet your requirements in all areas

IDnow can be employed for numerous applications. Just a few are: identification in accordance with the German Money Laundering Act (GwG), driver’s license control and verification of age. In addition IDnow enables the fully digital signature.


The user chooses the mode of identification

IDnow supports all formats such as mobile apps and modern web browsers.


The identity document is immediately recognized and its data is scanned

Intelligent technology automatically analyzes the identity document and extracts the relevant data.


IDnow employees compare the person with the identity document

The final comparison is executed by an IDnow employee in a brief video chat. Optionally in the near future with a fully qualified electronic signature.

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